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Does CBD Oil Help for Relaxation and Sleep?


If you are looking for a CBD product to help you sleep, relieve pain, or anxiety, the sea of information is vast and seemingly endless. Today, we are combing through the clutter to uncover the latest information on CBD products and its most sought out benefits such as relaxation. [Sources: 1, 10, 13] In this article, you’ll discover what CBD oil is, what it is not and why so many people take CBD products for relaxation.

Hemp-Derived CBD Vs. Marijuana-Derived CBD

Pure CBD oils, also known as cannabidiol (CBD), can be isolated and exist in a variety of different forms from oils to gummies and topical balms. CBD can be derived from two different sources: hemp and marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD oils have a very low concentration of THC, which will prevent the user from feeling the intoxicating effects of cannabinoids. CBD sourced from Cannabis has a higher THC content in general.

Despite its higher potential for intoxicating effects, some people choose cannabis-derived CBD products because of what’s called “the entourage effect.” This phenomenon describes the effect of consuming THC alongside CBD which seems to lessen the effects of paranoia and anxiety that are associated with THC itself. The “entourage effect” creates a synergistic relationship so that each compound enhances the benefits of the other. [Sources: 0, 3]

Full Spectrum Vs. Broad Spectrum


According to some experts, if you want to benefit from the “entourage effect", full spectrum hemp is your best choice. Full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products both hail from the hemp plant. The only difference is that full spectrum products contain a higher level of THC with up to 0.3% concentration. Both of these products include a number of natural compounds that enhance the beneficial properties of CBD. CBD Isolate is another option for those who seek CBD on its own. CBD isolates must go through an additional process that extracts the available amount of THC along with other natural compounds such as flavonoids and terpenes. [Sources: 7]

Some commercial CBD products contain up to 1,200 mg in the total package, so there is no reason to worry about taking too much CBD in one dose. If you are new to CBD, start with a small amount of CBD oil, such as 1-2 mg per day and keep track of any changes in your mood over time. [Sources: 5, 7, 14]

CBD Relaxation Effects


Many consumers and medical patients have reported several positive effects of taking CBD, including feelings of relaxation and calm. The most commonly reported effects of CBD are a reduction in anxiety and depression. [Sources: 0, 9]

The many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant balance the endocannabinoid system and promote a more relaxed state overall. Regardless of how you consume the cannabinoids, regular use of CBD can be an excellent way to promote relaxation and benefit from a more balanced response to stress in everyday life. [Sources: 4, 15]

Finding Safe Products


To get the full therapeutic benefit of cannabidiol, look for products that derive CBD directly from the leaves and stems of the plant. It is also important to seek domestically sourced hemp that is grown with safe and sustainable farming practices in mind. After all, hemp plants can absorb toxins and harmful chemicals that exist in the soil. Make sure to consider the origins of the plant when determining the safety of CBD products for you and your family. [Sources: 6, 8, 13]

There are many ways to use CBD, and there are several types of CBD that you can try if you are interested in pursuing a natural path to relaxation. Once you decide which type of CBD product is right for you, the use of tinctures is one of the most popular ways to use CBD for relaxation and anxiety relief. A CBD tincture for relaxation is most effective when taken orally and placed underneath the tongue. You might also choose to take CBD in the form of a pill or integrated into your favorite snacks and beverages. CBD can be used topically and absorbed through the skin in lotions and creams as well. [Sources: 9, 15]

Whether you consume CBD as a tincture or a delicious treat, it’s recommended that you consult with your doctor or pharmacist before you start using CBD products for the first time. Given the high THC content of cannabis and the potential for its psychoactive effects, people with anxiety disorders may want to steer clear of the psychotropic effects of cannabis and seek out hemp-derived CBD products instead. [Sources: 0, 2]

By understanding the difference between hemp-based and marijuana-based CBD oil, Full Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBD oil, as well as the importance of safely sourced products, you now have the tools to make informed choices in your CBD health journey. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


















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